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- New Movie up

2-11-03 The penguin has a valentine and i don't.

- Yaaaaay

2-6-03 I finally got the next tip up! I was using a different format so you might have to download it one time to watch it with out delays. I hope to have a new tip(s) up soon. La La

- New tip, kinda

2-4-03 la la. A new movie is up but it's not done sorry. I won't finish it because the program i had expired. Oh well.

- First Episode

12-21-02 horray the first episode (tip) is finally up!

- No Luck

10-18-02 Um.... oh yah. No luck with the digital camera(dumb windows XP killed my camera!).

- Sorry for the lack of updates

10-14-02 how to kill a penguin is alive (so to speak). Before i start i need to get my digital camera working so I can start to put movies up.

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